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[NA] tangelo#1337

DISCORD: tangelo#2836

AGENTS: [Breach, Brimstone, Phoenix, Sage, Viper]

(Washed, former) Global Elite in CS:GO with collective >4000k hours played.

For what it’s worth, have competitive experience in NAC (National Association of Collegiate Esports), ESEA, CEA (Corporate Esports Association) — we made playoffs this season but got knocked out by Microsoft last week.

Looking for teammates of similar rank (+/- 2 ranks, so Plat 1 – Diamond 2) who are trying to grind and improve.

Goal is to create a Competitive dream-team squad to grind up to Immortal. As such, communication and teamwork are valued above individual skill. You need to be able to both deliver and receive constructive criticism, and not take it personally.

Limited to West Coast-only for optimal ping. Play times *generally* around evenings on weekdays, but flexible here.

Serious inquiries only.

If interested, text ‪(765) 233-9498‬ (throw-away number) with:
1) FPS Background (competitive experience is helpful but not required)
2) Your current rank
3) Your goals in Valorant
4) General availability to play
5) Your strengths/weaknesses as a teammate.