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[EU] Skooba#8671

DISCORD: Xondius#6966

AGENTS: [Breach, Brimstone, Cypher]

Looking for a team to scrim and practice with regularly, and possibly compete in some tournaments. I’m not looking for a 4-man to just play ranked with, but an actual team with assigned roles and practice sessions. There’s only so much that can I learn in ranked.

Previously played for in a Rainbow Six: Siege team as a second-entry/flex, where I regularly scrimmed and practiced for community tournaments.

Not a whole lot of cs experience (≈350hrs), though the similar movement mechanics aren’t a problem as I have spent around 1500 hours on a different source game, tf2.

Didn’t play a whole lot of ranked during the beta, as my ex-teammates started out earlier and placed around diamond-immortal, and by the time I relatively caught up the beta ended.

Confident playing as Cypher, Brimstone, as well as Breach, although I am willing to learn any agent to fill in any slot.
Preferably looking for support/lurker/entry roles, though any is fine.