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[EU] PradoxPvP#7230


AGENTS: [Breach, Brimstone, Phoenix, Sage]

Im from Spain but speak a fluent english (strong accent though). Climbed solo queue from Iron 1 to silver 2, and I am still winning 70-80% of my games.

I am main Breach and Brimstone, but I also pick Sage when nobody does. Right now, I think Brimstone is more useless in higher ELO, so Im specialasing Breach.

I look for people who can deal with the occasional other’s bad games with 0 Toxicity.

I speak when needed. +2000 hours csgo Supreme rank, I know callout and have gamesense.

You won’t hear from me a midround shout saying “that **** is using aimbot” or “the enemy is here”. You will hear “the enemy is cut A” or maybe if I think someone is walling, you’ll hear it when the round is over. I expect the same.