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[EU] Crow#EUW

DISCORD: Shacrow#9999

AGENTS: [Breach, Brimstone, Cypher]

Achievements: CSGO Global, Apex Diamond, OW Diamond, PUBG Top 100 Leaderboard (duo & squad) + Esport Pro League Experience

About me: High Gamesense, Strong Aim, only important Callouts ingame, non Toxic

What I’m looking for: I’m not looking for an eSports team.
I’m just looking for good mates for ranked who wants to push to immortal/valorant. I expect you to have the skills to do so, so it would be nice if you have high ranks in other FPS aswell. It’s important that you are not toxic and don’t rage ingame. You can do all that outside the game. Gotta keep a cool head and keep rolling even when losing.

Hit me up on Discord at Shacrow#9999